Iā€™m not a Democrat or a Republican. What Iā€™m against is the bullying coming from the right. Always from the right. Always. This is a flat-out attempt to ridicule the bullies and throw some light on the heroes. I've got lots to work with.

I don't own any of these images but the snark is all mine.

3rd April 2012

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  • Hillary Rodham Clinton: The first time I ever saw Bill Clinton, he was standing in the hallway outside the law library at Yale, which is this wonderful gothic structure, and he was surrounded by all of these fellow classmates who were trying to convince him to be on the Yale Law Journal
  • Bill Clinton: I said "look, I'm going home to Arkansas. I'm not gonna get a big Wall Street job, I'm not gonna go clerk on the Supreme Court, I'm going home to be a country lawyer"
  • HRC: And he was listening politely, but he was watching me because I was watching him. I was at this long table studying, and I finally thought "this is, you know, kind of silly"
  • BC: And finally she just put down the book she was reading and walked the entire length of the law library and walked up to me, and she said-
  • HRC: "If you're gonna keep looking at me and I'm gonna keep looking back, we at least ought to know each other. I'm Hillary Rodham-"
  • BC: "- and what's your name?" I couldn't believe it.

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